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Refurbishment Plaza de la Vaguada

Refurbishment Plaza de la Vaguada

The site is located at the very heart of El Pilar neighborhood, backwards to the shopping centre La Vaguada. The park’s main characteristic is the presence of several cultural and sports’ installations, as well as the great diversity of areas for the neighbors and a pine forest. The intervention restores those areas and replaces the dried pond with a walkable surface of fountains. The transversal accessibility is improved and the zoning inside the park is reorganized.

However, the most singular element of this refurbishment is the large pergola that is placed at 13,5m high. This construction is needed to blend in the colossal proportions of the buildings inside the park and the variations of heights on the different layers that it has. At the end, it is a being a welcoming structure that gathers up both trees and people walking by under its presence. It upgrades the park’s green character, improving its openness and plurality, while turning it into a nicer and more appealing place to its users.

2017 — 2nd prize in Open Competition
Client: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Team: Beatriz Alés Gregori (architect), Amanda Ramón Constantí (architecture student UPV), Plácido Milian (budget), Quatre caps (rendering)
Location: Parque de la Vaguada, Madrid (ES)