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Museum of the 20th Century in Berlin

Museum of the 20th Century in Berlin

The new museum M20 will be home to tens of art pieces that are now in several galleries and archives of Berlin, and it is an opportunity to develop the urban design of the very last empty plot in the Kulturforum, lying between its solitary neighbors. The building figure and heights development of our proposal encourages a connection to those iconic buildings. The new urbanistic situation gives back the leading role to the Kulturforum plaza, giving access to the M20, as well as to its restaurant and media room, to St.-Matthäus Church and to the Kammermusiksaal. The one-way structure, made up of concrete walls, cores and present beams, encloses the interior space and creates a robust atmosphere in contrast to the transparent façades. The central stair connects the underground floors with the first floor, where the exhibition areas are placed. Maximum adaptability is granted through the clear structural distribution of the exhibition spaces, as well as the underground connection to the Mies van der Rohe Neue Nationalgalerie.

2016 — Restricted competition
Client: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Team: Beatriz Alés Gregori and Elena Zaera Muñoz (architects), BAC, Aiguasol, Manfred Schasler, Werner Sobek Stuttgart AG, hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz, González Modellbau, YOS

Location: Kulturforum Berlin, DE